CCBF opens a new chapter in strategic development

The sixth China Shanghai Children's Book Fair (CCBF) will take place from the 9 to the 11 of November at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre.

CCBF is held under the guidance of the Press Publication Administration, co-organised by Shanghai Press & Publication Administration, China Education Publishing & Media Group Ltd., and China Universal Press & Publication Co. Ltd. together with Ronbo BolognaFiere (Shanghai) Ltd.; the fair is powered by BolognaFiere S.p.A.

CCBF has started its collaboration with BolognaFiere/Bologna Children's Book Fair (BCBF) in 2018, opening a remarkable new chapter.


The Fair: Enhanced Features and Sections

CCBF is the only book fair fully dedicated to books and contents for children aged 0 to16 in the Asia-Pacific region. It has established five enhanced features in order to construct an excellent, integrated trading platform for international children's book publishing and children’s content. These features include copyright trade and international exchange; publication and distribution, multi-channel content marketing and promotion; recognizing and advocating for outstanding works and talents, discovering and cultivating new talents; promoting reading and social interactions; developing merchandise and fostering collaboration between industries.

Over the course of five years of successful development, CCBF has become an important cultural brand in the national and Asia-Pacific region, helping integrate onto the world stage and act as a competitive participant in the international field of youth publishing culture and education.

In the nearly 20,000 square metre exhibition hall, the fairground is divided into three sections: Copyright Zone, Hybrid Zone, and Public Zone, with a rich programme inclusive of exhibitions, conferences, and academic activities. Among them, five new lounges have been set up in the Copyright Zone, including the Asia Pacific New Entry Lounge–a collective space grouping selected publishing houses in the Asia Pacific Area, noted for their editorial program excellence; the BOP-Bologna Prize Lounge featuring recipients of this prestigious award from 2013 to 2018; the Strega Prize Lounge featuring winners and finalists of the Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi (jointly established by the Bologna Children's Book Fair and the most prestigious Italian literary Prize–Premio Strega); the new Literary Agents Centre, dedicated to the global copyright agency and scouting; the Digital area focused on  Augmented reality +books and digital tools for today's artists and publishers; the Licensing Zone for children's book publishing and IP trading negotiations.

The Exhibitors

During CCBF, more than 350 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 25 countries and regions will gather in Shanghai including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong (China), Iceland, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Taiwan (China). Among them, Australia, Hong Kong (China), Russia and Spain will be exhibiting as national or regional pavilion for the very first time. The number of international exhibitors exceeds 160, more than double the previous 79. A total of more than 40 countries and regions, professional institutions and important guests will participate in the three major sections and five main lounges of the various exhibitions and professional activities. The total number of visitors is expected to exceed 30,000. The fair will focus on children's books, e-books, animation games, audio and video content, digital products, newspapers, magazines, intellectual development, teaching references, stationery, publishing related copyright products, as well as carry out copyright trades, channel expansions, product wholesale ordering and professional exchanges.

Participating private children's book brand agencies include China Children’s Press & Publication Group, Shanghai Juvenile & Children's Publishing House Co., Ltd., Jieli Publishing House Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 21St Century Publishing Group, Anhui Children's Publishing House, Tomorrow Publishing House, Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd., Fujian Children's Publishing House, Dolphin Media Co.,Ltd., Hunan Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House Co.,Ltd., New Buds Publishing House (Tianjin) Limited Company, Beijing Children and Juvenile Publishing House, Changjiang Children's Publishing Group, Sichuan Children's Publishing House, Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House, Hope Publishing House,etc., Shanghai 99 Readers’ Culture Co.,Ltd., Dandelion Children’s Book House, Poplar, Everafter, Cheerful Century, ShangYi Trading. Participating online distribution platforms include Ella-book, Pocket Stories, Benew Technology, Iqiyi. IP licensing enterprises include Books, Dangdang, Tencent, Beijing 21St Century International Media Ltd., Uyoung. Leading children’s education enterprises include Vipabc, Dada Abc, Baby English, Cara-mel English. Additionally, there are many well-known international exhibitors familiar with the Chinese publishing industry including Editorial Planeta Press, Scholastic, Hachette, Groupe Gallimard, Groupe Dargaud, Casterman, Andersen Press, Walker, Bayard, Kyowon, Lerner, AST, SM Publishing Group, Poplar Press, Oxford University, McGraw-Hill Education and Mcmillian Education.

It is especially worth mentioning that, many excellent international children's book publishers will participate in the Shanghai Children's Book Fair such as those who won BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year. Nine of them will be Planeta Tangerina (Portugal), Tara Books (India), Petra Ediciones (Mexico), Corraini Edizioni (Italy), Grimm Press (Taiwan), Albur Producciones Editoriales (Spain), Kalimat (United Arab Emirates ), One Tree House (New Zea-and), 21st Century Publishing (China).

Exhibitors coming to China for the first time in the Asia Pacific New Entry Lounge include Bear Books (Korea), Sekaibunka Publishing (Japan), Tulika Publishers (India) and Sasbadi Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia). Exhibitors coming to China for the first time in the Strega Prize Lounge will include Albe Edizioni (Italy), Bompiani (Italy) and DeA Planeta Libri (Italy).

Conferences and Seminars

CCBF will offer a programme of international conferences and seminars very carefully designed. Having established its position as an industry leader, CCBF continues to organise professional seminars focused on four major themes: business practices, promoting reading culture, workshops with masters, and thinking digitally. Speakers include specialists in publishing, digital marketing, social media and content creation. These events aspire to promote communication and cooperation between professionals and to share the latest children’s literature industry trends with all attendees. In addition, the Golden Pinwheel International Young Illustrators Competition and Exhibition, Illustrators Survival Corner, Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award, International Authors Festival, Shanghai Visiting International Publishers Programme (SHVIP), Connecting the City and many other projects will provide active support for professionals in the children's book industry to participate and interact.

The CCBF programme will present twelve highly engaging seminars, bringing a compelling mix of academic expertise, business know-how and innovative thinking. The topics include international trends, audio books, digital technology, book design, IP licensing and marketing and distribution. The rich list of guests participating in the conferences include Michele Cobb (Audio Publishers Association, USA), Book Market Analysis Expert Yang Lei (Beijing Kaijuan Information Technology Co., Ltd., China), Digital Publishing and Digital Media Expert Japhet Asher (Carlton Press, UK), Digital Media Consultant Neal Hoskins (WingedChariot, UK), Audiobook consultant Marco Ferrario (Bookrepublic), Licensing consultant Cristina Angelucci (Brand Media). Children’s Literature Specialists Leonard S. Marcus (USA), Maria Russo (New York Times, USA) and Grazia Gotti (Italy). Participating publishers include Mallory Loehr (Random House, USA), Pascal Ruffenach (Bayard Group, France), Deirdre McDermott (Walker Press, UK), Gita Wolf (Tara Books, India), and Giovanna Ballin (Corraini Edizioni, Italy). Among the authors and illustrators, the guests list includes Belgian illustrator Kitty Crowther (winner of the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award), Eiko Kadono (Japa-nese children's novel and picture book writer, winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award), Igor Oleynikov (Russian illustrator, winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award), Suzy Lee (Korean illustrator).

Golden Pinwheel International Youth Illustrator Competition

The professional jury for the Golden Pinwheel International Youth Illustrator Competition ( included Serge Bloch (French illustrator), Cai Gao (a renowned Chinese painter and the first Chinese winner of the BIB "Golden Apple" award), Fei Jia (Senior Editor of Children's Publishing House and international picture book expert), Gita Wolf (founder of the renowned Indian independent publishing house Tara Books) and Xiong Liang (Chinese illustrator, writer and first Chinese finalist of the Hans Christian Andersen Award). They cochaired the Grand Prix Award for Domestic Artists, the Grand Prix Award for International Artists, and Golden Pinwheel Illustration Special Mentions. The Publishers Choices will be selected by the Dandelion Children's Books. In its fourth year, the competition received 6,600 submissions from 1,320 illustrators based in 58 countries and regions. This means that the total number of works submitted has increased by 141% since last year. The quality and volume of submissions has surpassed previous records, achieving outstanding results in the domestic competitions and events for children's illustrated books. The significantly improved visibility and international participation has further solidified the competition’s branding and influence. The final results of the Golden Pinwheel Illustrator Competition will be announced on November 9, 2018.

Illustrators Survival Corner

The Illustrators Survival Corner, the most amazing event for illustrators in Bologna is now also coming to CCBF with its huge programme of red carpet master classes, workshops and portfolio reviews ( The event is a concept brewed in Italy by Milan-based illustration school Mimaster in partnership with Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It provides a symposium for editors, designers and illustrators in the shape of master classes, creative workshops, and one-on-one portfolio reviews. David Shannon, Xiong Liang, Kitty Crowther, Suzy Lee, Maria Jesus Gil, Junko Yokota, Anastasia Arkhipova, Andrea McDonald, Hyang Soo Kim and other famous illustrators and picture book experts will attend this event.

Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award (CICLA)

One day prior to the opening of CCBF, on 8 November, the Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award (CICLA) will be held ( CICLA is one of the longest-running literary prizes in China. It comprises three award categories for published children’s works—Chinese language short stories, Chinese language children’s novels and international picture books. In total, the open call received 144 short stories and 88 Chinese books for the first two categories. The selection of the international picture books will be conducted globally. The chairman of the jury is Mr. Gao Hongbo, children’s writer, poet and essayist, Vice President of the China Writers Association. The jury members include Liu Ting (Literary Critic, Director of the Review Department of the Literature and Art Newspaper), Dong Hongyou (writer, member of the Children's Literature Committee of the Chinese Writers Association), Pan Xiangli (writer, Doctor of Literature, Chief Editor of Wenhui Newspaper), Song Yirui (writer of Children's Literature, consultant, the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Children's Literature Association). Xiong Liang (Chinese picture book artist and writer, shortlisted in the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award).  The International Picture Books judges includes Sophie Van der Linden (French children’s book critic and novelist), Kitty Crowther (Belgian picture book artist and illustrator, winner of the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award), and Leonard S. Marcus (American children's book historian and critic). All the jury members are high-achieving professionals in the field.

The Author’s Festival

The Authors’ Festival is CCBF’s window for the promotion of the world’s most acclaimed children’s content creators ( It invites famous writers and illustrators from home and abroad to hold a series of activities including seminars, book clubs, and book signings. The list of confirmed guests includes:  Eiko Kadono (Japanese writer of children’s fiction and picture books, winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award), Igor Oleynikov (Russian picture book artist and cartoonist, winner of the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award), David Shannon (American picture book artist and children’s illustrator, Caldecott Honour Book author), Herve Tullet (children’s book author, artist and performer), Serge Bloch (French illustrator, designer and cartoonist), Mauri Kunnas (Finnish picture book artist and illustrator), Joan Negrescolor (Spanish picture book artist, illustrator and graphic designer, the winner of the 2017 Golden Pinwheel International Grand Award), Adolfo Serra (Spanish picture book artist, illustrator and graphic designer, the winner of the 2017 Golden Pinwheel People’s Choice Award), Miguel Pang Ly (Spanish picture book author, illustrator and graphic designer), and Zhang Fan (illustrator, winner of the 2017 Golden Pinwheel Grand Award to a Chinese artist).

Shanghai Visiting International Publishers Programme

CCBF’s fellowship programme–Shanghai Visiting International Publishers Programme (SHVIP) is one of CCBF’s most important cultural exchange programmes, as well as Asia’s first fellowship programme exclusively dedicated to children’s publishing ( It is designed for publishing managers, publishers, and editors of all levels. This year, the programme received 152 applications from 45 countries and regions. As a result, 12 editors and publishers from different countries received the invitation, including Barry Cunningham, the publisher who signed up JK Rowling's Harry Potter and Andrea MacDonald, Editorial Director at British Penguin Random House Picture Books. They will spend five days visiting five publishers in Shanghai, three to four bookstores and attend the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Awards Ceremony. They will also spend two days to cooperate with Chinese publishers at CCBF and participate in various forums and conferences.

Connecting the City

Letting the excitement and vitality of the exhibition break through the restrictions of the venue, Connecting the City in Shanghai ( will host a series of offsite interactive activities, allowing international guests from afar to gain a deeper understanding of local children's books through selected popular bookstores, libraries, early education institutions, children's education and training institutions. These activities will also play an active role in promoting parent-child reading in the Shanghai community.

There is a beautiful metaphor that says childhood reading is like planting seeds of happiness in the heart of the child. A good book, a warm memory of parent-child reading becomes a cherished and lasting memory for any child. When children grow into trees from saplings, the books they read in their childhood can still be the most important nutrients for their hearts. China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair is also an opportunity to “plant seeds of happiness”. Whether as a professional, or a general visitor, you can enjoy the highlights of the book fair, participate in the exciting activities, listen to the creative feelings of the children's book masters, let the creative inspirations sprout and encourage children to engage with the charm of reading. In November, everyone who attends the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair will partake in the literary harvest and sow seeds of happiness for generations to come.