Children Plus

The 2021 edition of Children Plus is placed under the motto of “Books & Seeds, help children understand their relation to Nature, and plant seeds of knowledge and awareness for a way of life respectful of the planet and its diversity.

What is Children Plus?

In 2019, CCBF launched “Children Plus”, a new stream of events aiming to cast light on a trend, a topical subject, a book category or a theme of special relevance for the global publishing industry, whether because it has marked its past or because it is shaping its present through vigorous trends and an innovative production.

Every year, Children Plus will identify a different category of books—relevant from both international and local perspectives—to become a highlight of the CCBF programme. Children Plus features:

(1) A book exhibition with a wide selection of titles curated in close cooperation with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Featuring titles from all around the world, it also includes an extended selection of original Chinese and Asian books on the topic.
(2) A conference conceived as a state-of-play discussion between experts and professionals from all over the world, with special attention to the questions at stake in the Asia-Pacific publishing industry.
(3) More events to echo with theme of the year, including lectures, workshops and book presentations.


CCBF 2022 Children Plus in Review: Books & Seeds

The 9th China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) held at the West Bund Art Centre on 2-4 December 2022. As a special event of CCBF, this edition of Children Plus is placed under the motto of “Books & Seeds”.

CCBF 2020 Children Plus in Review: Toddlers' Books

Produced by CCBF in collaboration with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the "Toddlers First Books" exhibition intended to capture the newest trends through a selection of 142 titles carefully curated by Cooperativa Gianni Stoppani.