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The 2020 China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF) will take place on 13-15 November on the ground floor of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre (SWEECC). The fair will cover 25,000 square metres, and we expect more than 450 domestic and international exhibitors.

Launched in 2013, CCBF has quickly become an important event for the global publishing industry. It is the only fair fully dedicated to books and specific contents for children aged from 0 to 16 in Asia Pacific.

CCBF 2020 Highlights

CCBF is a content-oriented platform, which puts knowledge exchange and discovery at the centre of its mission. In 2019, CCBF launched “Children Plus, a new stream of events aiming to cast light on a trend, a topical subject, a book category or a theme of special relevance for the global publishing industry. Through exhibitions, lectures, round tables and books presentations, we will discover and rediscover the most fascinating titles published in that category, and hear the best publishers and authors who created them. Every year, Children Plus will identify a different category of books—relevant from both international and local perspectives—to become a highlight of the CCBF programme. The 2020 edition of Children Plus will focus on toddlers' books.

Children Plus—Toddlers’ Books will bring together about 200 titles among the most exciting ones available on the international market, while experts on education and children’s publishing will put this sub-category into global perspective through several events.  

Other than the Children Plus, the fair also offers a rich programme of events. They are: Conferences & Seminars that aim to promote exchange of ideas and business cooperation; the Shanghai Visiting International Publishers Fellowship (SHVIP) that offers foreign publishers the opportunity to gain a first-hand insight into China’s publishing landscape; the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition and the Illustrators Survival Corner launched to foster young talents and inject new life into the global children’s book industry; the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award that honours children’s book authors and professionals who have made a great contribution to children's literature around the world; reading promotion activities for the public, such as workshops, book launch and signing sessions that take place at the fair and all across the city as part of the Connecting the City initiative.

Why you need to be at CCBF?

- Engage in the booming children's book market in China
China boasts one of the fastest growing children’s book markets in the world. The country already publishes the largest number of children’s books, releasing over 40,000 new titles every year. China’s appetite for children’s book is set to increase as well, with ever more middle-class families willing to buy books for their children and the potential of a growing readership due to the recently introduced two-child policy.

- Access the Asia Pacific children's rights market
CCBF is the only book fair in China and Asia Pacific fully dedicated to children’s content, which makes Shanghai an unparalleled destination for the children’s rights market. CCBF helps you to connect with the professionals from Asia Pacific—the most exciting, booming and dynamic market for Children’s content.

- Connect with publishing professionals from all over the world
CCBF offers an excellent platform for you to meet international publishers, agents and content developers.

- Enjoy a variety of services and tools
CCBF puts you and your business at centre stage with a variety of services and tools. The fair connects international publishers with Chinese distributors, printers, packagers and book buyers. CCBF encourages an end-to-end business solution for international trade. Join CCBF to explore many ways of doing business, selling rights, co-publishing, finding suppliers and much more!

- Open new business horizons for children's contents, empower the children's book publishing industry
CCBF is expanding its scope of action towards other industries that can provide children's publishers with new business opportunities. Keeping books at the centre of its activity, CCBF helps you to connect with a wide range of products and services, including digital and multimedia products, licensing, educational and training material for children and teachers, parenting, film and television, animation, children's lifestyle etc.

Discover new talents in China and Asia Pacific
CCBF brings together both accomplished and emerging talents in China via dynamic programmes. It will be an exceptional opportunity to discover world-class authors, illustrators, translators, editors and other content creators for potential collaborations.

- Explore the vibrant culture of Shanghai
During the fair, a selection of popular bookstores, libraries, early childhood institutions and schools in Shanghai take the CCBF annual book feast beyond the boundaries of the fair ground. A wide array of cultural activities will be held all over Shanghai to showcase the city as a great attraction for children's books enthusiasts.

Facts and figures of CCBF 2019

CCBF 2019 unfolded over a record space of 25,000 square metres and brought together 418 exhibitors and 102 guests from 32 countries and territories, including 186 overseas exhibitors and 57 overseas guests. Over three days, CCBF received a record number of 40,978 visitors, which include publishers, literary agents, authors, illustrators, translators, graphic designers, content developers, packagers, printers, distributors, booksellers, mobile developers, licensors and licensees, education and training institutions, cultural institutions, librarians, professional medias, teachers and children’s book lovers. There were also 345 professional programme events and reading promotional events held during the fair.

Book your stand now and benefit of the early bird discount until 15th May. Get ready to meet the children's book and content community from Asia and across the world!

CCBF also features several exclusive lounges and areas—Bologna Best Children’s Publishers (BOP) Lounge, Strega Prize Lounge, Asia-Pacific New Entry Lounge, Literary Agents Centre, Digital & Licensing Lounge—where recognised international companies bring their cutting-edge contents to China.

Literary Agents and Scouts will be welcomed at CCBF Literary Agents Centre, which is located in the Copyright Zone.

CCBF Digital & Licensing Lounge is a cost-effective shared space suitable for audiovisual producers, animation/comic/game producers, and all areas of content for children - education, media, apps and e-books to connect with children's publishing industry.

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