CCBF has never been so close to you: Welcome to the CCBF Online Matchmaking System

In a year marked by the global health crisis, fair organisers around the world have been forced to cancel their events or struggled to redesign their projects according to new and changeable circumstances. At CCBF, we feel lucky and excited that our event is about to take place in a physical form, in Shanghai, from 13 to 15 November 2020. However, the restrictions currently applying on overseas travels are impeding most international visitors to come to CCBF in person.

Determined not tolet the pandemic drive a wedge between publishers from different regions, CCBF is, from today, launching its Online Matchmaking System, a brand new digital tool designed for all CCBF exhibitors and professional visitors eager to explore new networking opportunities and conduct presential and virtual business meetings with their industry peers. Whether you are planning to visit CCBF or taking part remotely, whether you are a buyer or a seller, the CCBF Matchmaking System boasts great features that we invite you to explore.

  1. All the CCBF exhibitors at your fingertips! The Online Matchmaking system is a perfect tool to plan all your meetings in advance thanks to its comprehensive online exhibitors’ directory. Benefit from precious information about the leading Chinese industry players and let the others browse through your profiles, full catalogues and latest products.
  2. Let the algorithm do the job! Powered by artificial intelligence, the Matchmaking System analyses the available information submitted by exhibitors and visitors to suggest partners recommendations based on your business nature and preferences. Your company profile and products’ info will also appear on other users’ recommendation pages. This feature with highly targeted networking will not only help you get noticed, save a significant amount of time, but also generate quality connections and enhance engagement rate.
  3. “3+5” dual-mode. The Online Matchmaking system allows you to send appointment requests for a period of 8 days. CCBF is, before everything else, a three-day presential event bringing together books and children’s contents from 350 exhibiting companies. To those attending the Fair in person, the Matchmaking system enables you to arrange and keep track of your face-to-face meeting at CCBF (13–15 November). But that’s not all: the Matchmaking System also offers an extended five-day period of online business interactions (16–20 November) through anintegrated video conference platform. This is a perfect tool for everyone to follow up on their most exciting findings, or just engage with other publishers, no matter the distance that lies between you.
  4. Plan and control your schedule easily. From today, the system allows you to send real-time messages, schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments based on your availability. You will receive real-time notifications via email and never miss an update.
  5. Exhibitors can see and be seen: Exhibitors profiles get maximum visibility as they can be seen by other exhibitors and visitors indistinctively. Visitors will be able to search through the full exhibitors' database and will only be seen by an exhibitor after they start a conversation with them.

All 2020 CCBF exhibitor are granted access to the Matchmaking System at no charge.

If you are a registered exhibitor, please click here to log in with your credentials and start making your appointments.

However, if you are a professional and not able to visit the Fair in person but wish to benefit from the CCBF Online Matchmaking features, please pre-register as a professional visitor here by 9 November to receive your credentials.

No matter where you are, the CCBF Online Matchmaking System is here to bridge the distance and make you feel part of CCBF, wherever you are.