2019 SHVIP fellows announcement

Running for a seventh edition, SHVIP—Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair publishers’ fellowship programme—is as old as the fair itself.

SHVIP 2018

SHVIP 2018

The SHVIP enrolment campaign, which runs traditionally from early spring to June, has received a ground-breaking number of applications: 165 requests from 56 different countries and territories, a third of them from the Asia Pacific region. It makes this year’s call for applications the broadest-based and most numerous one ever held.

The 2019 fellowship group will be constituted of 11 representatives of publishing companies, all of them new to the programme. Diversity among the participants is a key ingredient to the growing success of SHVIP. This year for the first time SHVIP will include publishers from Mexico (Alboroto) and Ukraine (The Old Lion). At the same time, CCBF remains faithful to its mission of hub for anyone interested in children’s publishing in Asia-Pacific. Three publishing houses from different parts of Asia and Oceania will be entering the programme—Duckbill Books (India), Scribble (Australia) and Tuti Books (Iran).

But most importantly, this new edition of SHVIP strikes once again by the high quality of the publishers selected. Among the participants, two companies saw their excellence recognised by a “Bop”, Bologna Children’s Book Fair Prize given yearly to the best publisher of each region—this is the case of Australian publishing house Scribble (2019 Bop for Oceania) and Orfeu Negro from Portugal (2019 Bop for Europe).

Small and medium independent publishers will be majority in this edition. They embody innovative and original catalogues, of which many will be presented for the first time in China, as is the case of Kilowatt (France), Luitingh-Sijthoff (Holland) and Levine-Querido (USA). Family business with long and rich publishing history will also be represented in the programme through Franco Cosimo Panini (Italy).

Finally, to top up the group with even greater variety, SHVIP will also include a digital publisher (Danish firm PIBOCO), specialising in interactive picture books, as well as a literary agency among the most prestigious ones in the United States (The Writers House).

We will release more information about our fellows in the early autumn. For now, we are happy to share the list of selected candidates with you all:

Sayoni Basu, India
Director and Primary Platypus, Duckbill Books

Mónica Bergna, Mexico
Director, Alboroto

Cecilia de la Campa, United States
Executive Director, Global Licensing & Domestic Partnerships, Writers House

Thille Dop, Netherlands
Senior Publisher Children's and YA, Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff

Ivan Fedechko, Ukraine
Rights Director & Acquiring Editor, The Old Lion Publishing House

Aksel Koie, Denmark
CEO and Founder, PIBOCO

Miriam Rosenbloom, Australia
Publisher, Scribble

Galia Tapiero, France
CEO, Kilowatt

Sahar Tarhandeh, Iran
Director, TUTI Books

Nick Thomas, USA
Senior Editor, Levine Querido

Antonella Vincenzi, Italy
Editorial Director, Franco Cosimo Panini

If you wish to contact them, please write to us: carolina.ballester@bfchina.net.