Children Plus: Books & Seeds CCBF Takes Action on Earth Day

22 April is Earth Day. Since 1970, the date is taken as a special occasion to raise the attention of millions of people around the globe about the health of our beautiful planet.

This celebration is becoming more meaningful, as every corner of the world is showing an alarming degradation of its environment and living conditions. Today more than ever, caring for the planet should be a priority, not only for policy makers, but also for citizens of all ages, who have no choice but to learn to take action, and grow new conducts offering a better and more sustainable way of life.

On Earth Day, we are happy to share with you a few well-chosen titles to celebrate Mother Earth.

Cambio climático
Yayo Herrero López & María González Reyes (text)
Berta Páramo Pino (ill.)
Litera Libros, 2019
Reading age: 10+ years
ISBN 9788412015027

Penned by Yayo Herrero López, María González Reyes, and illustrated by Berta Páramo Pino, Cambio Climático tells us about climate change. When did we start talking about it? How did it happen? Did we know how much this phenomenon is impacting forests, waters, animals, and, of course, human beings…This book actively invites young readers to identify what are the steps that each of us—governments, society and individuals—can take to effectively lead to reducing greenhouse gas through simple daily actions.

The Building Where Trees Grow
Yoon, Kang-mi (text and ill.)
Changbi, 2019
ISBN 9788936455354

First published in Korea and later translated in other languages, The Building Where Trees Grow is an invitation to trigger one’s imagination. Through the eyes of a little girl, we discover a city made of positive desires—a green, habitable and united place built as an answer to the pollution that undermines any kind of peaceful existence of Earth.

It’s Your World Now!
Barry Falls (text and ill.)
Pavilion Children's Books, 2019
Reading age:2-6 years
ISBN 9781843654100

It’s Your World Now is a journey throughout the world and its marvels. Poetic and lyrical, it unfolds a universe full of knowledge and sharing.

J'ai le droit de sauver ma planète 
Alain SERRES (text), Aurélia FRONTY (ill.)
Reading age:3-5 years
ISBN 9782355045806

Down with pollution, down with destruction! J’ai le droit de sauver ma planète undrlines what can be done to keep our planet healthy.

To Market, to Market
Nikki McClure (text and ill.)
Harry N. Abrams, 2011
Reading age:5-7 years
ISBN 9780810997387

In her work, To Market, To Market, Nikki McClure celebrating the Earth, the beauty of the countryside, the harvest and the fruits of the land. Her hand-crafted technique gives her work a strong hand-made touch and creates an atmosphere where Humanity and Nature can live in harmony, where men, women, children, and animals can share the planet.

František z kompostu
Simona Čechová (text and ill.)
Monokel, 2020
Czech Republic
Reading age:3+ years
ISBN 9788086803694

Published in the Czech Republic Frantisek z Kompostu raises our attention on the importance of compost bin and on all the little gestures that can be shared with the little ones to encore the Earth will remain young forever.

Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai
Claire A. Nivola (text and ill.)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), 2018
Readng age:5-8 years
ISBN 9780374399184

A story full of life, a strong will to change things… such are the elements at the heart of Planting the trees of Kenya, by Wangari Maathai, first African woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. In the book, she reminds that "When the soil is exposed, it is crying out for help, it is naked an needs to clothed in its dress. That is the nature of the land. It needs colour, it needs its cloth of green.”