Why Exhibit

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The booming children’s book market in China
China boasts one of the fastest growing children’s book markets in the world. The country already publishes the largest number of children’s books, releasing over 40,000 new titles every year. China’s appetite for children’s book is set to increase as well, with ever more middle-class families willing to buy books for their children and the potential of more young readers due to the recently introduced two-child policy.

Discovering new talents in China
The fair will bring together both accomplished and emerging talents in China via dynamic programmes. It will be a great opportunity to discover excellent translators, illustrators, authors, editors, and other content creators for potential collaboration.

Connecting with professional service providers
The fair will connect international publishers with Chinese distributors, printers, packagers, and book buyers. This is particularly valuable for publishers looking for long-term cooperation. CCBF encourages an end-to-end business solution for international trade.

Meeting like-minded people from all over the world
The fair will attract those who love children’s books and children’s literature from all over the world. A series of engaging programmes and social events will provide a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Exploring the vibrant culture of Shanghai
During the fair, a selection of popular bookstores, libraries, early childhood institutions, and children's educational institutions in Shanghai will host CCBF’s extension events. A series of diverse cultural activities will be held all over Shanghai to showcase the city as a great attraction for children's books and children's literature lovers.