Quotes About CCBF 2023

It is wonderful to be back at CCBF in person after taking part remotely for the past two years.Our publishers have had some very productive meetings as beeing back in Shanghai has provided a chance for more meaningful and fruitful conversations to take place.

Gloria Bailey (UK), Associate Director, Export Services ,The Publishers Association

It was very important to be present with an Italian pavilion at the Shanghai Children Bookfair together with the Italian Publishers Association. The book market in China is valued at CNY 87.1 billion (USD 12.65 billion). Children's books account for the largest share of total sales. In fact, children's publishing constitutes one of the most dynamic and growing sectors of China's publishing industry.

Augusto Di Giacinto, Director, Italian Trade Agency in Shanghai

It is a great honour to represent 10 publishing houses of the French community of Belgium at the 10th CCBF. From the very first day, we were astonished by the number of visitors to our stall and their overwhelming enthusiasm for the books we brought. We extend heartfelt thanks to the organizers for their unwavering support, providing us with a platform for in-depth exchanges with publishing houses in China. Until we meet again at the CCBF in 2024!

Wang Chengxue (China), Education & Technology Program Officer, Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Hachette Children’s Group is thrilled to be back exhibiting at CCBF in its 10th year. The organisation of the fair and the UK Pavilion has been exceptional. It's wonderful to be able to host meetings with long-standing customers and to make new connections. We anticipate continued growth in our Chinese sales as a result.

Susannah Palfrey (UK), International Business Development Director, HACHETTE UK

An exciting fair full of meetings and exchanges, with a flair of Bologna bookfair. Thank you for this perfect organization, the warm welcome received from Shanghai hosts was truly thoughtful.

Hedwige Pasquet (France) Chairman, Gallimard Jeunesse

The CCBF 2023 has been a fantastic experience! Chouette Publishing and PAPP International were so fortunate to renew with so many partners and to meet new potential partners! Thank you CCBF for such a great organization!

Simon Payette (Canada), Business Development Director of Chouette Publishing, PAPP International

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the organization. Since the first opening day, we have seen considerable interest from Chinese publishers. It was very interesting to be able to deepen the knowledge of their editorial market.

Valentina Mai (Italy), Publishing Director, Kite Edizioni

China Education Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd., as one of the organizers of the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF), along with its subsidiary and one of the co-organizers, China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd. (CEPIEC), has been wholeheartedly devoted to the development of the CCBF over the past decade. Witnessing the fair’s evolution from its humble beginning to its current international stature has been a source of immense joy for us. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this year’s book fair exuded vitality while unfolding a diverse and captivating array of activities, providing ample evidence of the stamina of both the fair and the children’s book industry. CEPIEC is poised to further leverage its unique business attributes and strengths in conjunction with the CCBF. Collaborating with industry colleagues, CEPIEC aims to make the CCBF a world-leading children’s book fair, contributing unremitting efforts to the thriving development of the children’s book industry.

Wang Jianxin(China), Executive Director and President,China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd., China Education Publishing & Media Group Ltd.

The decade of CCBF is a barometer of the children’s book industry. It is a community with a shared future, and a significant milestone. Gazing toward the Pacific, the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair is marking ten years as a new starting point, and it is bound to venture into a broader world and stride towards a brighter future.

Kan Ninghui (China), President of Shanghai Century Publishing Group

I can sense the fervour among children’s book publishers. With both sales and copyright exchange gradually recovering, the showcased works from domestic publishing houses exhibit a growing richness in variety and types and there are changes in types of the recommended works brought by overseas exhibitors. Moreover, digital methods are increasingly employed to present book catalogues and works during discussions, indicating an expanding avenue for future exchanges. Events like UK Reception also resonate with a pronounced eagerness for international dialogue within the realm of children’s publishing.

Ma Xingmin (China), General Manager of China Children’s Press & Publication Group Co.,Ltd (CCPPG)

The 10th China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair marked a momentous milestone, witnessing the return of globally renowned publishing houses and the convergence of children’s book creators from around the world. Various professional seminars and promotional events unfolded in a lively manner. The Illustrators Survival Corner and Illustrators Avenue also received considerable acclaim, heralding the resurgence of this vibrant professional children’s book exhibition. The appreciation for and enjoyment of in-person interactions and connections were evident among participants, providing a glimmer of hope for the future in the subdued market.

Tang Ling (China), Deputy Chief Editor, Jieli Publishing House; President, Baby and Child Branch

This book fair has provided us with another excellent opportunity for face-to-face communication with authors, copyright holders, industry colleagues, and readers. We have achieved notable success in brand promotion, copyright exchange, and book sales. We feel the influence of CCBF both domestically and internationally. Thanks to everyone for their love for CITIC, and the organizers for their support in all aspects of this exhibition.

Bai Ruxue (China), CITIC Press Group, Marketing Director

CCBF now resembles a refined children’s book fair, reminiscent of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. Our events unfolded remarkably well, a success attributed in the welcoming and efficient entrance services. There’s a discernible increase in illustrators engaging with publishing entities, we can see that CCBF signifies a bridge between the two worlds.

Yan Xiaoli (China), Dandelion Children’s Book House Founder, Editor-in-chief

Lelequ has been a consistent participant in the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair since its inaugural edition, using this platform to introduce itself to numerous readers and publishing counterparts around the world. The China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair has borne witness to the golden age of children’s book development in China, and we wish it a prosperous future!

George Sun (China), Vice President of Ronshin Group,Editorial Director of Lelequ (an imprint of Ronshin Group)

The 10th China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair provides a face-to-face platform for readers to interact with authors and publishers. The 10th-anniversary celebration of Post Wave Kids is a significant highlight of the fair. Our stall has become a popular spot at the CCBF this year, where readers can discover exciting new works and engage in close exchanges with authors, injecting new vitality into the development of children’s books.

Jia Xiaoling (China), Marketing Director, Post Wave Kids Publishing Consulting Co. LTD

Morning Deer participated in the CCBF for the first time this year. We’re honoured to be one of the exhibitors and partners celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a newly established, diverse, and integrated cultural brand, Morning Deer upholds the vision of “sowing seeds of a beautiful universe for children.” The brand is committed to the research and development of original Chinese books and the exploration of diverse cross-industry integration in the cultural industry.At this grand celebration of international culture at CCBF, we not only gained access to outstanding books from around the world but also secured valuable opportunities to present our works to readers worldwide. On the platform of the CCBF, we aspire to amplify the voice of China, sowing the seeds of beautiful Chinese original culture in the hearts of young readers worldwide.

Huwei (China), Co-founder & Editor-in-chief, Hangzhou Morning Deer Culture Co., Ltd.

What I like most about CCBF is how lively the atmosphere is and how many children come here to look at books. Unlike the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where we don’t have children, CCBF is very interesting to me. For me, CCBF is a book fair for families and children.

Giorgia Grilli (Italy), Professor of Children’s Literature and History of Illustration for Children, University of Bologna

Since the long pause from my last participation to CCBF 2019 as Golden Pinwheel as Golden Pinwheel’s jury and the Illustrators survival corner’s co-curator, I was thrilled to come again to shanghai and feel again the warm sensation and vibes from the enthusiastic Chinese people and the illustrators visiting the corner this year. I feel like all the energies and expectations from the people who attended and participated to the corner’s activities, exploded in a newborn enthusiasm, helped also by an astounding organization, from the ccbf “family” and staff to the kind and dedication volunteers.As golden pinwheel jury in the new commercial section, I had the pleasure to see many talents, young, new and known artists applying very good and relevant works. Giving to the jury the chance to discuss around the contemporary international scene of illustration, my wish for this new price category is to become an important goal for illustrators to show their best commercial projects and maybe to be considered also by relative relevant.

Ivan Canu (Italy), Illustrator, Writer and Director, Mimaster Illustrazione, Milan

As a jury member for the CCBF Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, I saw so many dynamic and impassioned works that left me deeply inspired. I also had the pleasure of meeting new friends within the industry, which brought me great joy. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation. I hope that more and more excellent works will be exhibited and CCBF will help more and more quality domestic children’s books to grace the international stage.

Victo Ngai (USA/China Hong Kong), Illustrator

Happy 10th anniversary! The CCBF now unfolds like the spirited journey of a blossoming young lad, thriving along its path. The book publishing category has solidified its international influence and appeal, while the new commercial category has enriched illustrators to use diverse thinking. From the inaugural year at the Shanghai Mart to this year’s triumphant return, CCBF has been a silent witness to the evolution and progress in China’s children’s book industry imbued with inclusivity and sagacity. Illustrators are cherished and the captivating seminars and exchange sessions are setting professional standards and pushing the boundaries of the children’s book industry. It’s an honour to “come back home” and be part of the CCBF this year. Thanks to these lovely adults dedicated to the welfare of children!

Luo Ling (China), Picture Book Painter, Teacher, Jingdezhen Ceramic University

The China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair is the annual gathering for children’s book publishers. At the exhibition, we witnessed more possibilities that lay ahead for the world of children’s literature.

Xie Yun (China), BookBuyer, Eslite Bookstore

It's really great to be back in person after a three-year hiatus. I see an established fair that continues to attract exhibitors from near and far, seasoned and new, and visitors that remain so enthusiastic about books and all types of content dedicated to children. Happy 10th anniversary, CCBF, and may there be more milestones to celebrate in the coming years!

Teri Tan, International correspondent, Publishers Weekly

It is a privilege to continue serving as the official new media partner in the livestreaming events this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CCBF. The CCBF gracefully cradles starlight in its embrace, casting light on the kids. In the gentle dreams of childhood, children’s books unfurl like blossoms, and thus our hometown becomes scented with the innocent songs of youth in the air. Reading together with the world, kids, may your world thrive forever!

Estrella (China), Founder, XING Education

This is my second year hosting the livestreaming events for moms across the country and the world at CCBF. This year, I was so motivated by the lively atmosphere that I tirelessly livestreamed for three days, delving into numerous exceptional books from both domestic and international sources. I hope CCBF continues to flourish, bringing everyone an even more splendid reading feast!

Kelaladaidahonghua (China), KOL, red