2022 CICLA Call for Works

The Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award (CICLA) is an international children's literature award named after Mr. Chen Bochui, a leading figure in China's children's literature. The award promotes the concept of "Great Literature for Little Readers" and rewards outstanding individuals and organizations engaged in the creation, publication, research, dissemination, and promotion of children's literature (including children's picture books) globally. Subsequently, the CICLA aims to foster new creators and new works for children's literature, promote children's literature exchanges worldwide, and provide children with high-quality books and works of literature. Running for 40 years with 33 editions held in total, CICLA stands as one of the literary awards in China with the longest history and the most award-winners.

The rules of the 2022 CICLA Best Picture Book Award and the Best Literature Award of the 2022 are the following:

I. Organization Structure

CICLA 2022 is jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Administration, the People's Government of Baoshan District of Shanghai, and the Special Committee of Chen Bochui Children's Literature Foundation, and organized by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Baoshan District, Shanghai. The event will be managed by the CICLA Collection and Awarding Office run by Shanghai Dayin Bookmall Co., Ltd.

II. Arrangements

(I) Works eligible for registration

Children's picture books and children's literature published all over the world.

Works should feature stimulating and accurate children's outlooks and ideas, respect children's development, meet children's reading habits, be endowed with guiding values, rich artistry, great enlightenment, and a broad international vision and advanced innovation. They should also promote cultural diversity and national/regional identities.

(II) Participants

The award is open to worldwide publishing organizations or individual creators (henceforth referred to as “participants”) of the children's picture books and children's literature.

The specific regulations below apply to each Award:

1. Best Picture Book Award

Each publishing organization can register a maximum of 10 books. Individual creators can register independently up to two books. Books should be original works. There are no language restrictions for submissions.

2. Best Literature Award

Each publishing organization can register a maximum of 10 literary works, including stand-alone publications and short pieces published in collections or magazines. Individual creators can independently register two pieces of works. Works should be in Chinese language, with no restrictions to the subject, length, or type of writing, including but not limited to fairy tales, novels, poems, fables, play scripts.

(III) Requirements

The participants must be the publisher or original author accountable for the first publication of the work.

The works registered must be children's picture books or children’s literature published between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022 (subject to the date of the first edition and first printing marked on the copyright page).

The participants must fill in the Participation Form and sign the Letter of Commitment for the Rights of the Works.

(IV) Registration

Please email (1) the Participation Form, (2) the Letter of Commitment for the Rights of the Works, and (3) the PDF file* of the entire book to cicla@sbt.cn (one form must be submitted for each book).
* The PDF file should be preferably attached to the submission email or sent through Wetransfer (www.wetransfer.com). Google-based cloud services such as Dropbox are not supported. Thank you for your understanding.

Three sample copies of each work shall be submitted to the CICLA Collection and Awarding Office, 390 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, China, zip code: 200001. It is recommended that participants use DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other international express delivery services, and mark the packages with “works submitted for the Chen Bochui Awards”. Participants should also email the following information (Package tracking number + Country + Author + Book title) to cicla@sbt.cn. The postage will be paid at the Participant’s own expense. Contact: Zhang Wei (Mr.), Tel.: 0086-21-23204830, Email: cicla@sbt.cn

III. Collection Period

(I) From 18 March 2022

(II) To 30 September 2022

Works should be registered via email before the above deadline.

IV. Assessment & Awards

An international panel of professional and authoritative jurors established by the organizer will undertake a fair, objective, and professional evaluation of submitted works, and present awards to the winning participants.

(I) Best Picture Book Award

Cash rewards and award certificates will be given to a maximum of five winning works, in addition to a maximum of five jury mentions.

(II) Best Literature Award

Cash rewards and award certificates will be given to a maximum of five works (including single piece submissions), in addition to a maximum of five jury mentions.

The organizer will also release the “Recommended Works of the Year” to promote the books that enter the final rounds of assessment and issue honorary certificates.

V. Release of the Awards

All participants will be emailed the results of the awards. The award ceremony will be held in November 2022—a specific date has yet to be determined.

VI. Statement of the Organizer

(I) Participants should ensure the originality and legitimacy of their works. No plagiarism or other acts that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others will be accepted. In case of any infringement, all legal consequences shall be borne by the participants.

(II) Participants must complete the form as required in case of failure to contact due to wrong information or wrong contacts.

(III) The organizer promises to keep the information of institutions and individuals submitted by the participants strictly confidential and protect the copyright of the submitted works. Works will not be used for any purpose unrelated to the award.

Within the legal framework, the organizer reserves the rights of final interpretation.


For all enquiries, please write to Xu Meiling (Ms.), Collection and Awarding Office Director

Email address: cicla@sbt.cn