Best Picture Books of the Year



The Truth about Old People
Elina Ellis (text and ill.)
Two Hoots (Macmillan), 2020, UK
ISBN 9781509882274

When you're small, everybody bigger than you seems really old. But does being older have to mean being boring, or slow, or quiet? NO! Elina Ellis' illustrations reveal that the age you are makes no difference to how amazing you can be. The Truth About Old People is an instant favourite with children and grown-ups that tackles ageism without being preachy.

“A story full of wits and humor with lively and skillful illustrations; a perfect example of how picture books can transcend thel boundaries of languages and nationalities”.

About the author

Elina Ellis (Zaporizhzhia, 1980) currently lives and works in Cambridge, where she recently graduated with an MA in Children's Books Illustration. Elina draws both digitally and using traditional media, creating her own books and illustrating for others. She won the Macmillan Prize for Illustration for The Truth About Old People in 2017, as well as the 2018 Golden Pinwheel Grand Award (International).

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