Olga Muravieva

Olga Muravieva was born in Moscow in 1964. She graduated from the journalism department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1984, right after graduation, she started as junior editor for Malysh publishing house—the eldest brand on the Russian book market, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017—where she rapidly worked her way to editor-in-chief. Olga’s publishing career span over 34 years, 24 of which she spent working as editor-in-chief.

Since 2013 Olga has been in charge of Planeta Detstva (Childhood Planet), AST Publishing Group’s children’s book division. As such, she handles several imprints: Malysh, Avanta, Obrazovatelnye Proyekty (Educational Projects) and Willie-Winkie.

During her years in the publishing industry Olga has established professional contacts with many emerging talents. Books penned and illustrated by these talents have won huge popularity among young readers.

Moreover, Olga has participated in numerous international book fairs and has been actively involved in the promotion of Russian children’s books abroad. As a publisher, she accounts for many of the books from Russia which have received prestigious international prizes.

Since 1987 she is a member of the Children's Book Council—the Russian branch of IBBY, in which she has been serving as vice-president since 2016. In 2015 Olga was nominated for the Presidential Award for Art and Literature for Kids and Youth.

Founded in 1990, AST Publishing Group is one of the largest and leading publishers on the Russian book market. AST consists of thirteen imprints, which publish books of almost all genres for the widest audience: intellectual and entertaining literature, Russian and foreign classics, textbooks and dictionaries, the wide range of nonfiction and children’s titles. AST Publishing Group produces more than 40 million copies per year and boasts the strongest editorial team in the country.

The basic principles of AST Publishers are to preserve the intellectual world heritage, to provide readers with an extended literary choice responding to all personal and professional interests, to stay tuned to the world literary trends, to be socially active and implement advertising campaigns in support of reading in Russia. AST regularly takes part in the biggest Russian and foreign book fairs and festivals. AST also collaborates with literary scouts who make sure that we are kept abreast of the latest developments in the world of books.

AST cooperates with the world's leading publishing houses and agencies. However, Russian books still represent the most important and impressive part of their publishing programme, with an authors’ portfolio of more than 5000 names.  

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