Giovanna BALLIN

Giovanna Ballin has been international rights manager and editor of Corraini Edizioni—one of the most prestigious Italian publishing houses in the area of children’s books, art, design and illustration—for more than 25 years.

She works both on the managerial and artistic fronts. On one hand, she deals with foreign rights management, regularly participates in some of the sector’s leading fairs and events (Frankfurt Buchmesse, London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, BookExpo America, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Seoul International Book Fair, Guadalajara Book Fair, New York Art Book Fair and New York Rights Fair), organises other events such as exhibitions and is in charge of communication with foreign authorities and institutions. On the other hand, her work involves research, scouting and discovering new, emerging authors and foreign publishing houses whose work is like-minded to ours and with whom we can develop projects and collaborations.

Founded as a contemporary art gallery (1973) and later becoming a publisher (1988), Corraini Edizioni is a publishing workshop of research and experimentation, open to artists, illustrators and designers from both Italy and abroad: a space to create books, exhibitions and bespoke projects. The close, deep relationship that has always linked Corraini and Bruno Munari contributed to the birth of the publishing house and has steered its editorial path: research and experimentation attentive to new forms and new talents; seeking new ways of proposing a greater and more effective integration between text and image; mixing and using the transversal experience (art, architecture, design and graphics, publishing, children’s publishing, photography, literature...) that has been accrued over the years.

Corraini’s work in the world of children’s books has deep roots, starting with the long-lasting link between the publishing house and Bruno Munari. Since then, Corraini Edizioni has been working uninterruptedly on research and proposals, while also rediscovering some historical children’s books from the 1970s. This work was recognized and honoured in 2014 with the prestigious Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the year in Europe.

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