2021 CCBF New Dreams International Little Illustrators Competition

New Dreams·International Little Illustrator Competition is an annual event at the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF). Initiated by the Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Administration, organised by the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair, founded in 2019, the competition soon makes its mark as one of the premier international children illustration competition. Over the years, we have participants from a host of countries including China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc., and is fast becoming an major international art competition for children worldwide.

The competition is aimed at children under 16. It offers a perfect opportunity for children worldwide to showcase their artistic creativity and talent to a worldwide audience. The award ceremony and a selection of winning works will be presented at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center as a signature event of the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair. All the winning artworks, both from China and abroad, will be compiled into a bilingual commemorative picture album, a perfect tool to showcase the artistic talents of our winners to a worldwide audience.

Highlight of the Competition

  • Global reading promotion programme, opening up the world with books

"New-Dream", together with various professional organisations as well as leading practitioners in the field, from both home and aboard, has launched a global reading promotion programme. The aim is to recommend a list of good books to the 2021 "New-Dream" International Little Illustrator Competition.

  • A bigger platform for young illustrators to showcase their art

The 2021 CCBF, "New Dreams" International Little Illustrator Competition, have invited selected members of last years winners of the Little Illustrator Competition to create new illustrations of this year's competition. Hopefully, this gives young artists from both home and abroad greater opportunities to showcase their artistic skills and fulfil their dream of being famous.

  • An international panel of judges to discover talents of tomorrow

The competition organiser has invited a panel of experts, from both home and abroad, to be our judges. These experts have many years of experience in children's aesthetic education and years of professional experience in illustration. Their professional expertise and international will hopefully give them the insight to discover any hidden talents amongst our many entries, giving children everywhere an opportunity to be heard and noticed.

Panel of Judges

  • 画板 1

    Alexander Korotich (Russia)
    Illustrator, Designer
    Famous Russian Architect
    Teacher and artistic consultant at FA.SAD, a children art academy in Moscow

  • 画板 1

    Vera Eggermann (Swiss)
    Illustrator, Designer
    Editor for "Jumi", a Swiss children magazine
    Educational expert in residence at the Ministry of Education in Zurich, Switzerland

  • 画板 1

    Uğur Altun (Turkey)
    Illustrator, Designer
    Lecturer at Yaşar University, Turkey

Competition Rules

  • Competition Rules:Love & Hope
  • Entry requirements
    Competition is open to any individual child less than 16 years of age, irrespective of nationality. The competition is also open to organisations/group entry. Entry is free of charge. 

    Toddlers: Born after 1st June 2015
    Children: Born after 1st June 2011
    Teens: Born after 1st June 2005
  • Submission Requirements

    Original illustrations by children that fit the competition theme. We prefer to receive flat/2D works. There is no restriction on the type of medium or material. Children are encouraged to express themselves, using their own imagination to interpret the competition theme.

    Alongside each illustration, entries must be accompanied by a written description and a voice message. Size of original artwork: Not greater in size than 260mm*368mm (Canadian Tabloid) size paper.

    Works of art previously submitted to the Orange Dream Little Illustrator competition will not be accepted.

  • Submission Procedure
    You can get the link to enter "The 2021 CCBF New Dream International Little Illustrator Competition" by clicking on the hyperlink [2021] in the competition official WeChat page; another way is to click on the link to view the entry rules. You can then follow the instruction and submit your entry online.
  • Submission Deadline
    From now to 31th August (GMT +8, 24:00)
  • Competition Timing
    Open for submission: From now to 31th August 2021.
    Outstanding Finalist announcement: October 2021.
    Winners' announcement and Prizegiving: November 2021.
    Exhibition of Outstanding entries works at CCBF: July 2022.

List of Prizes

  • Outstanding Entry Award
  • Winning Finalists Award
  • Most Popular Award
  • Five special awards (Best Creativity Award, Most Beautiful Art Award, Most Promising Artist Award, New Dream Star Award, Special Jury Nomination Award)

Contact Us

For submission, confirmation, exhibition and awards, please contact: littleillustrators@126.com
For business sponsorship, publicity support and other cooperation, please contact us via: Wechat account: little_illustrators


2021 Winners

Li Jinjin | 2021 Judges Special Nomination Award, Artistic Beauty Award2021 Judges Special Nomination Award, Artistic Beauty Award | 13 years old
Liu Chulian | 2021 Judges Special Nomination Award, New Dreams Star Award | 4 years old
Wang Ruijia | 2021 Best in Creativity Award, Most Popular Work Award | 7 years old
Wu Junyi | 2021 Judges Special Nomination Award, Best in Creativity Award | 7 years old
Chen Nuanzhi | 2021 Artistic Beauty Award | 4 years old
Li Zhuoran | 2021 New Dreams Star Award | 14 years old
Liu Xiaowan | 2021 Most Promising Artist Prize |  4 years old
Tang Zile | 2021 Most Promising Artist Prize |  9 years old
Tao Xinyi | 2021 New Dreams Star Award |  9 years old
Wu Xinyun | 2021 Best in Creativity Award | 11 years old
Buksha Anastasia | 2021 Artistic Beauty Award | 13 years old
Zhukova Arina | 2021 Most Promising Artist Prize | 9 years old