Quotes about CCBF 2019


We hope that CCBF will continue to be a professional platform for the global children's book publishing industry, bringing a great variety of children's books, to create a new era of happy growth, happy life and comprehensive development for hundreds of millions of children.

HaoXianghong (China), Executive Vice President, China Children's Press & Publication Group

With more and more diverse and colourful events, CCBF provides an unlimited imaginary space for both professionals in the children’s book field and a wide range of children.

PengWeiguo(China), Vice President, Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd.

At the time when Dolphin Media celebrates its 20th anniversary, we’d like to express our deep gratitude to the organising committee. Thanks to its professional depth, international vision and orderly organisation, the organising committee provides us, as well as publishers, readers and authors, with a diverse platform to exchange; a window to show Chinese Stories and attract international resources. I hope CCBF will become better and better!

Zhang Zhiyong (China), Marketing Director, Dolphin Media Co., Ltd.

Through presenting different kinds of books in multiple angles, this CCBF fully reflects its internationalisation by showing various beautiful, three-dimensional and literary works, creating a wonderful space for creators and illustrators. As an exhibitor, we feel the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of Shanghai, and the passion of readers – all leave us with a deep impression.

Li Xin (China), Children's Books Division General Editor, Vice President, Thinkingdom

Nearly 300 kinds of original children's books brought by China Taiwan exhibitors are loved by many publishing companies in mainland China. The simplified Chinese version of copyright is actively under discussion, and many exhibitors have expressed that they have had a worthy trip.

Wang Chenghui (China Taiwan), General Manager, Chinese Creation Publishing Co., Ltd. (China Taiwan Pavilion)

Centre Pompidou Publishing participated for the first time in CCBF, and we have had a very enthusiastic response from Chinese publishers, curious to discover our books to initiate children to art. The fair is very dynamic and it was for us a fantastic opportunity to meet new partners and consolidate relationships with publishers we already knew.

Francesca Baldi (France), Sales Officer, Centre Pompidou Publishing Department

I had an amazing time in CCBF! It is my first time at this international book fair and it is impressive. The collection of books is so varied and booths are very well designed.

Myra Sepe (Indonesia), Project Manager, Room to Read

This is our 7th time participating at CCBF. It was a busy fair with about 80 meetings, with publishers we continue working with, but also with new good contacts. We were happy to participate.

Philippe Werck (Belgium), CEO, Publisher, Clavis Publishing

BookLife Publishing have held a record number of appointments. Three deals have been agreed on the stand at the fair. A deal agreed for £200K in principle with Taiwain China. Happy to attend the fair annually to continue to grow working relationships.

Maxine Tokelove (USA), Director, BookLife Publishing/The Secret Book Company

Many thanks to the CCBF for this opportunity for Samokat to participate today. As a foreign rights manager promoting the titles by modern Russian authors and illustrators, I am very happy to explore new markets and to have a chance to meet new publishers and partners from China and some other neighbouring countries and regions. It's a great chance to understand the environment and to look for new contacts and possibilities for cooperation. We also expect to find the authors and illustrators to present them to Russian readers. You have collected great professionals in one place and provided us with an opportunity to exchange the experience.

EvgeniyaKarpenko (Russia), Foreign Rights Manager, LLC Samokat Publishing House

Second time here in Shanghai for EdizioniCorraini. The CCBF show is growing and we had a fruitful experience. We look forward to attending again in the future!

Giovanna Ballin (Italy), International Rights and Acquisitions Manager, Maurizio Corraini

A very interesting show that brought us so many new contacts and exciting prospects. We experienced a top quality audience and high level contents proposed by the organiser. The Pop-up Show was amazing!

FeancescaMarastoni (Italy), International Rights, Marketing and Fairs, Reggio Children

China is our largest export market and, since exhibiting at the fair in 2015, sales have continued to soar! The two professional days at CCBF19 are the most important for us in the whole year.

Tricia Macmillan (UK), Managing Director, MMS UK (exhibiting with The Publishers Association)

The Australian Collective Stand at CCBF was a busy hive of rights activity in a sophisticated book market. Our Australian publishers and literary agents found exchanges with professionals in the Copyright Zone energetic and engaging, with promising leads not only in sales, but also creative partnerships. CCBF is a unique and valuable platform for Asia-Pacific publishing professionals to gather, share stories and strengthen markets.

Wenona Byrne (Australia), Arts Practice Director Literature, Australia Council for the Arts

We came to CCBF this year with the aim of promoting the Children's Books Festival of Singapore and carrying out some cultural exchange. We have met a lot of publishers and writers at the book fair, and participated in some professional forums, which was really rewarding.

WIlliam Phuan (Singapore), Executive Director, Singapore Book Council

I had a great experience at my first CCBF. Everything was well-organised which made it easy to get around and have many productive meetings. It's great to have a kids specific fair in China and I look forward to attending again in the future.

Catherine Kramer (USA), Subsidiary Rights Manager, MacMillan (BOP)

It is great atmosphere here at CCBF. People are warm and friendly. I really enjoyed my trip in Shanghai!

Katsumi Komagata (Japan), Author and Publisher, One Stroke (BOP)

Wonderful book fair, so well organised and friendly!

Helena Gustafsson (Sweden), Head of Global Publishing, Storytel

Attending the CCBF was a wonderful and informative experience. I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and understand the Chinese market, as well as sharing insights that Nielsen have on the global markets outside of China.

Hazel Kenyon (UK), Director of Book Research, Nielsen

It’s been very energizing coming to Shanghai and feeling so much enthusiasm, passion and excitement about joining this wonderful children’s book world. The UK is a sophisticated mature children’s book market, but it’s therefore become quite traditional and what’s been fun to see here is countries with a more emerging literacy being excited about the possibilities.

Julia Eccleshare (UK), Director, Hay Festival

The SHVIP program has given me an invaluable insight into the children’s publishing market and tendencies in China reflected upon and experienced with experts from all around the globe.

Aksel Koi (Demark), Founder and CEO, PIBOCO (SHVIP)

The scale of the fair means that we can quickly grasp an overview of the children's book publishing while also providing incredible networking opportunities between international publishers.

Miriam Rosenbloom (Australia), Publisher, Scribble (SHVIP)

Great CCBF and great Golden Pinwheel. This is a wonderful “culture input & output” event in Shanghai. Thanks to more and more book forms and a variety of communication forms, the book fair closes the gap among people. I hope such an international book fair will become better and better; and I believe it will give inspiration to more and more people.

Yang Zhong (China), Jury Member, 2019 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, Director, Picture Book Creation Studio, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

The dedicated design of CCBF makes me feel the power of cultural integration; through diverse and colourful book exchanges, we will obtain a more foresighted vision. The work that won the first Golden Pinwheel Award is so amazing, obtaining unanimous recognition by five judges. It also represents the highest level of young Chinese illustrators.

Zhou Xiang (China), Jury Member, 2019 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, Illustrator, President, Eastern Babies Magazine

Our first time in China, first time in Shanghai: a very exciting experience with the pop-up exhibition. So many people visited it at CCBF, children and adults, all very interested in this special and unique kind of book form. We noticed a particular attention in the audience. We think that the pop-up books are going to experience a new important season in China, where the main manufacturing factories are based and where a new generation of paper engineers is coming up with excellent projects.

MatteoFaglia and Massimo Missiroli (Italy), "Pop-up Show: The Magic inside Books" Curators

The fair is growing and becoming more and more vibrant, not only in the range of publishers, but also in the quality of books on offer. It is a place to meet and greet that should be on the annual agenda for all those working in the field of children’s books.

Liz Page (UK), Executive Director, International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)

One way to measure the success of a book fair is by the number of its new exhibitors and, more importantly, by the number of its returning exhibitors. On both counts, CCBF has proven to be successful in putting together an event that is attractive and beneficial to children’s book players local and international. Well done!

Teri Tan (USA), International Correspondent, Publishers Weekly

CCBF is growing up as time goes by. The pop -up exhibition was exceptional. For the French children’s books publishers, CCBF is now an important appointment in the autumn with their Chinese and Asian publishers, like Bologna in spring. Business rights are going well and the French stand is always an attractive place. The fellowship showed that Chinese illustration has a part to play in the world and the book pitch at the Light Space Bookshop showed that Shanghai is the city of books.

Claude Combet (France), Journalist, LivresHebdo

I think the fair is extremely well organised and there is a great variety of different publishers represented. Because I am from the UK, I'm delighted there are so many people from my country here and they talk very positively about the event. It seems to be extremely busy which is great.

Mark Chandler (UK), Reporter, The Bookseller

This is my fifth time attending the CCBF, I find it very fascinating that the fair is getting more and more international, with more countries along the Belt and Road participating. I especially enjoy the forums and the panel discussions, which always release important information and figures vital to the industry, and I'm happy that China Publishers had the opportunity to hold a key forum again this year together with the fair, which was highly praised by the audience. The children and their parents are also satisfied, judging by the smiles and happiness on their face. I look forward to next year's fair.

Bai Jing (China), Vice President, China Publishers

The expertise of the Children's Book Fair is unparalleled. From the number of exhibitors, book quality and popularity of the forum, it can be seen that the fair provides an excellent platform for industry professionals to communicate.For readers, this is more like a "carnival party". Everyone is immersed in it. More and more exhibitors from outside of the traditional book industry are joining us. Let us see more possibilities for children to read in the age of media change. We can also see the sharpness and insight of the fair in leading the industry.

Xu Weiyi (China), Reporter, International Publishing Weekly