Quotes About CCBF 2020

This is a beautiful exhibition that confirms how Gianni Rodari's nursery rhymes can, until today, speak to the child hiding inside every artist and inside every one of us. The art exhibition submerges visitors in a world of visual fantasy and wonders. Illustrations are at the heart of every children's books. Congratulations to BolognaFiere and to Emilia Romagna Region for bringing to CCBF those poems made images, which embody excellence in the field of illustration.

Alberto Manai (Italy), Director of Culture Division of Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai

Thanks to the technology of this time, it’s possible to communicate, and video chat with Friends, Customers and Publishers all over the world under the impact of COVID-19. This year, White Star is attending CCBF in a unique way, with the great cooperation of Bologna Children’s Book Fair and support of our Chinese Agency. We presented and highlighted our new 2021 titles for kids.

Claudia Protto (Italy), Foreign Rights Manager of White Star

We are happy that NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad, was able to be a part of the CCBF this year regardless of the pandemic situation worldwide. CCBF provides a great opportunity for Norway to maintain our connection with the Chinese publishing industry and illustrators for our children and young adults. As the pandemic is going on, it is wonderful that the international publishing industry is able to carry on with meaningful activities and that we can be gathered at CCBF in Shanghai, stay in touch, and introduce our excellent Norwegian children’s literature and broad topics to the Chinese audience.

Hedda Himle Skandsen (Norway), Acting Consul General of Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai

It feels very different. We appreciate that the fair gave us the opportunity to display a selection of books so that trade visitors and the public could see more of our new titles, but we could have preferred to have been at the fair in person to present them to the customers.

Gloria Bailey (United Kingdom), Senior Internationals Book Fairs Manager of the Publishers Association UK

The 8th Edition of CCBF has overcome many challenges and conducted in a safe and high-quality manner, making it one of the few international book fairs took place physically under the impact of the pandemic this year. May the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair continue to leverage technologies and thrive as a leading online and offline platform that connects the world and the future and bring more great content to the young readers.

Shen Shuiping (China), Deputy General Manager of CEPIEC

This year's children's book fair met great success under complex circumstances and big pressure of Covid-19 prevention and control. The role of CCBF is crucial to boost the confidence of children's book publishing in the world. This edition boasts three big achievements. Firstly, we saw an innovation in form, thanks to the combination of online and offline elements, which allows international exchange to go on in spite of the epidemic. Also, the social circle of exhibitors and friends is expanding, with the participation of new publishing houses, the impressive expansion of the Illustrators Avenue, the reinforced participation of cultural and creative product creation that are reshaping the whole industry chain. Finally, CCBF’s influence is clearly growing. The industry exchanges, awards and reading promotion were run brilliantly, and its official programmes have become a big stage for cooperation and exchange between authors, readers and publishers.

Peng Weiguo (China), Vice President, Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd.

My hope is that all children have the opportunity to read high-quality books allowing them to develop their own thinking and form their own understanding. The book fair is very important to facilitate copyright business among publishers, and it also dynamises the industry as a whole and gives it continuous support. Overall, the exhibition was very successful, and I hope to have the opportunity to participate again next year.

Zhang Mingzhou(China), the President at the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)

In this special edition of China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair, I want to recognise the courage and wisdom shown by Fair organisers in these adverse conditions, as well as Chinese people’s great enthusiasm for reading. I hope to see everyone at CCBF in the future again!

Zhu Ziqiang(China), Professor of Ocean University of China

This is a truly international children's book fair, which broadens horizons for our local picture book writers, increases the audience's professional knowledge, and provides a very good platform for international children's book creation and exchange. I hope that illustrators will not only increase their international vision but also maintain their own personality. While I continue to walk on the path of creativity, and I wish Chinese illustrators to get growing success in international competitions, to let the world see the diversity of their styles. I also wish CCBF to do always better and better in the future!

Jiu'er (China), Illustrator and Picture Book Author

I was honored to be invited to participate in the CCBF conference and present to the Masterclass at the Illustrators Survival Corner. It was lovely to be able to connect with a Chinese audience and (hopefully) impart some knowledge about the craft of writing and illustrating picture books. I hope that in the future I can be there in person!

Jason Chin (USA), Children's Author and Illustrator

Being part of a jury is always an interesting experience. I was amazed to notice the number of high-quality illustrations sent from all over the world. I have to thank the fair for giving me the opportunity to enter the countless delicate worlds narrated by the various illustrators who participated in the competition. It is like a privilege to be able to observe every single project and enjoy so much beauty and creativity.

Philip Giordano (Italy), Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Lelequ participates in the China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) every year. Due to the impact of COVID-19, CCBF is one of the very few international book fairs that are able to take place offline this year. We cherish this opportunity and want to inspire children to read more. At the same, we can also meet our colleagues and explore new directions for the development of children's books.

George Sun (China), Deputy General Manager of Ronshin Group, Editor-in-Chief of Lelequ

The most gratifying change of the fair this year is that Chinese illustrators and authors have had many opportunities to show their talents. In the past year or two, we are all putting a lot of efforts in uplifting the creation of original picture books. In this process, I also felt how difficult it is to cultivate new writers and create good original picture books. I am very grateful for the efforts made by the Shanghai Children's Book Fair to support the original strength of children's books.

Wu Xingyuan (China), Editor-in-Chief, Post Wave Kids Publishing Consulting Co., Ltd.

We have all been affected by the global pandemic, and although international exhibitors and some Chinese publishers were unable to participate, we have managed to make a catalogue of 200 titles available to domestic publishers. We have offered our clients a full range of copyright services and held over 100 meetings during the fair. Thank you to the Shanghai International Book Fair Organising Committee for providing us with such thoughtful, meticulous service in this difficult period.

Yu Wenli (China), Copyright Director of CA-LINK International LLC

I gained a lot from my visit to CCBF. It offers friendly and efficient services to its exhibitors. The creation of a new Digital Hub is also very important. Many publishing houses, book distributors and publishing companies are exploring how to transform online. It was an occasion to understand more clearly and intuitively the digital needs and difficulties of our partners and clients. We appreciate very much to have this opportunity.

Li Bo (China), Book Department Distribution Channel Manager, Youzan Technologies Co., Ltd.

"Juanzi Mama Story Time" was invited for the first time as a media partner specialized in children's book reading promotion by a few leading publishers to live stream at CCBF. We recommended the best books for children aged 0-12. Parents are happy with the high-quality and affordable books we recommended, which save them a lot of time, effort, and money. At the same time, we also set up a booth at the Digital Hub. It was a great opportunity to meet business partners and form new relationships. This is one of the most significant gains of our participation in CCBF this year. We will continue to work hard to create more excellent content for our young readers and listeners.

Juanzi Mama (China), Founder, Juanzi Mama Story Time