Book Pitch Party

Shaped as an interactive event and set in a beautiful bookstore, the Book Pitch Party is a highlight in the SHVIP agenda. In this event, the SHVIP fellows and the same number of local publishers are invited to pitch their best titles in a limited timeframe. Engaging, surprising and highly effective, this highlight of the SHVIP programme is widely acclaimed by all its participants.

Contact us if you are interested in pitching a book or attending the event.
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Titles presented in 2018

The 2018 Book Pitch Party took place at the Shanghai Light Space Xinhua Bookstore in presence of an open audience of publishing professionals.

- Teter Mek And The Mystery Of Pearl Shell Island, by Jasmin Herro and Kevin Lee; ill. Roy Chen. Xoum, 2017 (Australia)

- 火焰鸟  (The Flame Bird), by Sun Yu; ill. Hassan Amekan. Changjiang Children's Publishing Group, 2018 (China)

- Last Chance Hotel, by Nicki Thornton. Chicken House/Scholastic, 2018 (United Kingdom)

- 十二只小狗 (Twelve Puppies), by Gerelchimeg Blackcrane; ill. Jiuer. Guizhou People's Publishing House, 2018 (China)

- La rivière (The River), by Olivier De Solminihac ; ill. Stéphane Poulin. Sarbacane, 2018 (France)

On The Silk Road, by Isabelle Simler. Xinjiang  Juvenile Publishing House , 2018 (China)

Rymlingarna (The Runaways), by Ulf Stark; ill. Kitty Crowther. Lilla Piratförlaget, 2018 (Sweden)

- 猜猜看 ("Take A Guess" Series), by Svjetlan Junaković. Guangxi Normal University Press Group, 2017 (China)

- A Chrystal Key, by Anna Chernakova ; ill. Alexandr Adabashyan. Malysh Fiction, 2017 (Russia)

- 爸爸变成了透明人 (My Dad Becomes Invisible), by Wei Jie; ill. Yu Yin. New Century Publishing House, 2018 (China)

- Injangwe Yange, by Sebastien Iradukunda. Mudacumura Publishing House, 2018 (Rwanda)

- 阿多垃基 (Adooraki), by Zhang Xiaonan; ill. Petr Horácek (United Kingdom). China Children’s Press & Publication Group, 2018 (China)

- Abezoo, by Carlos Reviejo; ill. Javier Aramburu. Ediciones SM, 2005 (Spain)

- 南京暑假 (Summer Holidays in Nanjing), by Zhou Rui. Hunan Children’s Publishing House 2018 (China)

- Mammoth Adventure, by Bear. Big Tree Publications, 2015 (Malaysia)

- 萤王 (The Firefly King), by Cao Wenxuan. Daylight Publishing House, 2018 (China)

- Nella nebbia di Milano (In the Fog of Milan), by Bruno Munari. Maurizio Corraini, 1968-2018 (Italy)

- "The Little Raindrop" series, by Xu Pingping; ill. Yang Weijia. Petrel Publishing House, 2016 (China)

- Waterdrops Glittering on Leaves, by Noriko Ochi; ill. Mitsuki Noguchi. Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc., 2017 (Japan)

- 鄂温克的驼鹿(The Moose of Ewenki), by Blackcrane; ill. Jiu’er. Jieli Publishing House, 2018 (China)

- How to Be a Lion, by Ed Vere. Puffin, 2018 (United Kingdom)

- 小汉字, 大故事 (Small Letter Big Story), by Xiao Mao; ill. A Lu. Ronshin Group, 2018 (China)

- A guerra (War), by José Jorge Letria; ill. André Letria. Pato Lógico, 2018 (Portugal)

- 礼物 (The Gift), by Liu Yufeng; ill. Bi Wenxi. China Welfare Institute Publishing House, 2018 (China)

- 野蜂飞舞 (Flight of the Bumble-Bee), by Huang Beijia; ill. Zhu Chengliang. Jiangsu Phoenix Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, 2018 (China)

The 2018 Book Pitch Party was organised with the kind support of the Light Space and Xinhua Distribution Group.